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If Pre-Fabricated and Semi-Custom products do not fit your individual sizes, Custom Orthotics are also made available through the Businesses listed below. 

Please see Pre-Fabricated Orthotics for larger selection of orthotics

KineMedic Concepts, Inc. is the official firm handling the design and fabrication of products for the Neuro-IFRAH® Organization. All products on this site are based on Neuro-Dynamic Therapy and the Neuro-Integrative Functional Rehabilitation and Habilitation (Neuro-IFRAH®) Approach  by Waleed Al-Oboudi. The Neuro-IFRAH® Organization, Neuro-IFRAH® Products,  and KineMedic Concepts, Inc. are not liable or responsible for how this equipment is used. We strongly recommend taking a Neuro-IFRAH® course prior to utilizing our products for proper training in the use of the equipment. Please be advised that all ideas are intellectual property of the Neuro-IFRAH® Organization and that the designs have patents pending. We reserve the right to pursue legal action with punitive damages for any infringement, imitation, or copying in any form of our products. Prices are subject to change without notice.

Neuro-IFRAH® Products is pleased to announce that as of November 1st, 2006 you are able to order Neuro-IFRAH® orthotics and therapy aids directly from the manufacturers. 

Kinemedic Concepts, a manufacturer of Neuro-IFRAH® Orthotics will be accepting, processing, and distributing  orders for pre-fabricated orthotics, custom orthotics, and therapy aids previously distributed by Neuro-IFRAH Products.  All orthotics and therapy aides previously availble from Neuro-IFRAH® Products are available through Kinemedic Concepts.

Neuro-IFRAH® Products will continue to process the orders for Neuro-IFRAH® workbooks, home-study courses, and audiovisuals.


Kinemedic Concepts can be reached at www.kinemedic.com .  The contact information for Kinemedic Concepts is

Telephone 909-337-3449

Fax 909-498-0300

Postal address P.O. Box 3220 Blue Jay, CA 92317

Email kinemedicconcept@aol.com

Businesses that are licensed to fabricate Custom Neuro-IFRAH Orthotics:
a. KineMedic Concepts is the primary business specializing in the fabrication of all custom and pre-fab Neuro-IFRAH Orthotics and therapy equipment.
website link: www.kinemedic.com, contact person: Tom Krzeminski, ph 909 337 3449, fax 909 498 0300 address: PO Box 3220 Blue Jay, CA 92317
b. For businesses that are licensed to fabricate custom elbow wrist hand orthosis (EWHO), wrist hand orthosis (WHO) and the Perfect Response Orthotic (PRO) please contact Kinemedic Concepts at www.kinemedic.com
Casting Kit for PRO
Casting Kit for PRO. To purchase this product please visit www.kinemedic.com

Perfect Response Orthotic PRO

This orthotic is loaded with unique features and options to get the perfect response of normal movement in normal gait. These features are unmatched in any orthotic.

A unique feature of the PRO is the 2 layer foot bed consisting of a thin pliable layer that is in 4 segments corresponding to the hindfoot, midfoot, and 2 segments devoted to the forefoot. One of the forefoot segments allows for toe extension.

Options for various materials are placed between these two layers to encourage normal foot movements and discourage abnormal or undesired movements. All of this is done through pliable material made in various strengths to define the parameters and assist with movements individualized to the patient's needs.


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