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These Neuro-IFRAH® manuals contain the instructional text from the course described, the lab pictures for that course, and an instructional DVD covering each lab will also be included with purchase.

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Resolving Shoulder Impairments and Improving Function

NEURO-IFRAH® Certification Course in the Treatment and Management of Adults with Hemiplegia from a Stroke or Brain Injury
This Home study course is specifically designed for occupational and physical therapists who work with adults with hemiplegia from a stroke or brain injury. The main emphasis in this course is on assessment and management in functional activities to develop excellence in maximizing functional outcomes throughout the continuum of care. This course utilizes an integrative whole person approach with emphasis on restoring function and making it functional for a return to independent living and resumption / assumption of life roles. Challenges encountered by therapists in meeting their patient’s needs throughout the continuum of care, are addressed throughout the course. The course consists of text, laboratory practice, and lab demonstrations. This course includes the practical application of current basic to advanced concepts sequenced in a creative manner to help all participants meet the course objectives as well as their individual objectives. Upon successful completion of the course and testing by a Neuro-IFRAH Instructor®, participants will be Neuro-IFRAH Certified®. Containes Volumes one and two. Completion of this home study course qualifies you to test for your Neuro-IFRAH® Certification in the treatment and management of patients with Hemiplegia from a stroke or brain injury. If you would like to become Neuro-IFRAH Certified®, you may be tested by a Neuro-IFRAH instructor®.

Introduction to the NEURO-IFRAH® Approach in the Treatment and Management of Adults with Hemiplegia from a Stroke or Brain Injury

Facilitating Hand Function/Fine Motor Control In Functional Activities

Assessment and Management of Functional Gait: Walking for Life

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