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Our Products: Easy Active™ Therapy Equipment and Tools
Weight Assist Limb Energizer and Exercise Device
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Product Details

This therapeutic active movement facilitator is specifically designed to encourage the slightest movements present in the limbs to be initially encouraged and practiced. This therapeutic equipment is designed to displace the weight of the limb allowing patients affected by a stroke or brain injury, or specific patients affected by specific orthopedic conditions, the opportunity to practice using the slightest amount of available ROM. The amount of weight provided at the other end of the teeter-totter balancing beam provides an objective measure as to the amount of assistance patients require to reach or move their limb. The amount of assistance can be graded as the patient improves. A special see-through track built on the bed of the teeter-totter balancing beam allows for a ball to roll back and forth as the patient moves their limb/s. This allows for feedback to encourage the patient to move at desired, or specifically set points.

The entire unit is designed to be adjustable and mobile to adapt to many conditions of observation required for therapeutic practice and various environments in rehabilitation of the upper and lower extremities. The shaft supporting the teeter-totter balancing beam is adjustable to go higher or lower and allows side to side or lateral movements, and movements in a variety of angles. The teeter-totter balancing beam is made of light weight yet very durable aluminum that can be easily broken down in half or assemble into one piece for easy mobility or storage. The base is made of steel and designed to expand for stability during use or retract for easy mobility and storage. The base is designed to have the option of wheels to roll the entire unit or to have a standard padded paddle for easy and comfortable carrying.

To purchase this product please visit www.kinemedic.com

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