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Ultra Advanced Upper Extremity Course
SKU: 000013

These are course workbooks that are used in courses provided by Neuro-IFRAH® Instructors in classroom instruction. These workbooks contain lecture headlines and detailed pictures from each of the hands on labs. They do not contain the text provided in classroom instruction. *They are for sale for replacement of lost or damaged workbooks only* More details...

Price: $75.00

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Product Details

This workbook is for the 5-day Neuro-IFRAH® Organization Approved Ultra Advanced course which is designed for therapists who have completed an advanced upper extremity course or a Neuro-Dynamic Therapy or Neuro-IFRAH® Certification course. The information presented in this course expands on and exceeds advanced concepts to increase the specialized clinician’s handling, knowledge and problem solving skills. The emphasis is placed on multiple strategies to develop all characteristics of upper extremity function and carry over at various levels of recovery. Numerous unmatched lab will focus on increasing the experienced clinician’s options in handling and increasing patient’s responses to management. As in advanced courses, highly effective, holistic and inclusive strategies will be utilized in accessing the patients in a variety of ways with ongoing attention to overall whole body and system functional coordination. The format will include lectures, practice labs, problem solving, patient demonstration by the instructor, and actual patient management by the participants. All information will be supported by handouts and audio visual materials.

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