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Ultra Advanced Function in Upright Postures
SKU: 000015

These are course workbooks that are used in courses provided by Neuro-IFRAH® Instructors in classroom instruction. These workbooks contain lecture headlines and detailed pictures from each of the hands on labs. They do not contain the text provided in classroom instruction. *They are for sale for replacement of lost or damaged workbooks only* More details...

Price: $75.00

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Product Details

This workbook is for the five day Neuro-IFRAH® Organization Approved Ultra Advanced Course which is designed for physical and occupational therapist who specialize in the treatment of adults with hemiplegia from a stroke or brain injury. This course is the 4th in a series proceeded by Walking for Life Intermediate Function in Upright Postures. As a pre-requisit to taking this course, participants must have completed Advanced Function in Upright Postures, a Neuro-Dynamic Therapy Certification course or a NEURO-IFRAH® Certification Course. Other applicants may be accepted only with special permission by the instructor.This course is designed to build on and go beyond the highly effective strategies introduced in Advanced Function in Upright Posture course. This course will be focused on the development of refined and complex control required for effective resumption of higher level functional activities, i.e.: sports and work related activities requiring multi task processing and whole person/all system coordination. This course will cover the reacquisition of running, jumping, control with speed, force intensity, duration, sustaining performance and coordination. This course is specifically designed by Waleed A-Oboudi and promises to continue with the tradition of introducing concepts and strategies of management that are unmatched and surpass any concepts available in rehabilitation. The course format will include lecture, lab, patient demonstration by the instructor and patient management by the participants

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